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2018 - 08 - 10
8月6日,江西省景德镇陶溪川陶瓷文化创意园内的3D陶瓷打印机。 黄婷婷 摄湖南日报·华声在线见习记者 黄婷婷陈修定头发已经花白,脚穿布鞋,双手轻抚着需手工转动的轮盘,几秒钟功夫,洁白的高岭土便在他的手上成型,已经完成的11个陶瓷碗整齐地摆放在面前长凳上。他说,自己这一辈子只干拉坯的活,拉了49年。在景德镇古窑民俗博览区,有几十个像陈修定这样的制瓷工匠,还有部分非物质文化遗产代表传承人。他...
2018 - 08 - 10
山西省首届瓷上漫画展8日在太原美术馆开幕。 胡健 摄中新网太原8月8日电 (记者 胡健)山西省工艺美术协会陶瓷文化艺术专业委员会8日在太原美术馆成立,山西省首届瓷上漫画展也于同日开幕,展览展出了山西省50多位漫画家的100多件瓷上漫画作品。展览展出了山西省50多位漫画家的100多件瓷上漫画作品。 胡健 摄此次展览由太原美术馆、山西省漫画家学会、山西省工艺美术协会陶瓷文化艺术专业委员会主办,三晋艺术...
2018 - 08 - 10
大众网临沂8月9日讯(记者 王艳彩 通讯员 田伟)8月8日,罗庄区人民政府7月份空气质量暨环境违法行为查处情况新闻发布会召开。大众网记者获悉,7月份罗庄区环境空气质量居全市第7位,优良天数24天,共对18家企业19起案件的环境违法行为进行立案处罚。  7月份罗庄区环境空气质量综合指数为3.64,居全市第7位;同比改善22.9%,改善幅度居全市第3位。优良天数24天,居全市第6位;同比改善居全市第6...
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ADDRESS: Building 703, Building 4, No. 62, Zhangye Baoxi Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

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Foshan Chancheng District Haixiang Color Glaze Development Center is a production and sale of ceramic chemical raw materials mainly enterprises. Founded in April 2003, the center has set up production bases in Foshan, Jiangxi Yifeng, Shandong Linyi. The main production products are: ceramic body enhancer, ceramic mud water reducer, ceramic glaze additives, ceramic body and glaze coloring materials. Ceramic body enhancer is the main product of our development center, annual production and sales. Reaching over 20 thousand tons, distributing all ceramic producing areas in the country and exporting to Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.

In 2013, our center developed a dry-formed permeable brick adhesive, replacing the usual clay raw materials, to improve the product permeability, so that the product effectively solved the problem of dry-process production of permeable brick, for the future construction of ceramic industry dry-process production of ceramic tiles laid the technical foundation.

In 2017, our center also developed an alkaline liquid reinforcer, which can increase the strength of the green body by more than 20%. It is easy to use. It can be directly added to the slurry tank to mix. It is not affected by the increase of slurry flow and the prolongation of ball milling time caused by the balling of the reinforcer, thus improving the production efficiency of ball milling and playing the role of energy saving and consumption reducing.

The center produces ceramic chemical raw materials, complete varieties, affordable prices, welcome new and old customers to discuss business, visit guidance!

Company tenet: customer first, good service, quality assurance, customer sharing.


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Address: Building 703, Building 4, No. 62, Zhangye Baoxi Road
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